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Borrowdale Keeps Giving

It's your turn to give back

Borrowdale is almost an institution in itself.

It welcomes thousands of visitors every year, and to many of us it has become a sanctuary;
calling us back time and again for the fulfilment of some deep longing.  

The fortunate few who actually live here need your help. 

The institute is in dire need of renovation to maintain its role as the only community centre in Borrowdale. Without it, the only school in the valley loses its gymnasium & its theatre, local farmers and their families are deprived of a place for social gatherings, and any community events that may benefit from the facilities are forced elsewhere; generally out of the valley and into Keswick.

The valley and its fells have been giving indiscriminately for centuries.

Now it's your turn to give something back. 

Registered Charity Number: 1181396-0


Let's Make A Difference

See our plans for restoration.

The total cost of the project is £250,000.

We are one third of the way there.

We aim to raise the bulk of the funding through charitable trust funds, and we have come to you to ask for help to furnish and equip the building with a kitchen, cutlery, curtains, chairs, a stage for the school etc.

Margaret Christine Dorman 1st February 2019

I have visited Borrowdale over many years. To me it is a magical place

skellymax 28th January 2019

All the very best in your fundraising efforts to help restore the BI to where it should rightfully be, so that the community can feel proud of the facility and to call it their own.

Heather Yates 13th December 2018

I've many memories of enjoyable (and energetic) FRCC ceilidhs at the Institute.

Steven Lyon 10th December 2018

Received info via the FRCC website...first visited the Institute in the 1960's for what I think was a Saturday night dance. Fond memories. Last visit was when I walked past the hall in October 2018 when I was staying at The Salving House. Good luck with the project.

Wendy Dodds 10th December 2018

A brilliant project which the local, always welcoming community, deserve

Richard Daniel Hamer 10th December 2018

Fell & Rock Member who has used Salving House in Rosthwaite for many years. Happy to support the renovation of the Institute.


Kathy Charnock 27th November 2018

The Institute kindly allowed 37 Explorer Scouts and their Leaders to sleep over the night before Remembrance Day 2018, when the Explorers were up early in groups to reach the summit of each of the 14 peaks gifted in memory of the fallen after WW1, to remember the sacrifice given by so many, 100 years on. We couldn't have done it without the support of the Institute and are very grateful we had somewhere warm and dry to sleep. On behalf of Ormskirk District Explorers, THANK YOU!

Sally Fielding 26th November 2018

Good luck. It'll be fabulous when it's done!

Honister Slate Mine 14th November 2018

Great project and even better for the community.

Adrian Paye 14th November 2018

great initiative and a very worthy project in such a beautiful location

John Paterson 13th November 2018

What a great project. Best of Luck - hopefully people from all over Cumbria, the UK and even the world, will rally round with donations.

The building has lasted 100 years. However it's not fit for purpose...

But with your donation, whether it's small or big, we'll be able to make a place that is suitable for the next 100 years.

Your contribution will help give Borrowdale a bright future.

John Weir

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